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Plant & Equipment

We represent leading companies in Europe, Eastern Europe, Korea, China etc. for supply of various casting & forgings for different kind of Turbines such as Hydro Turbine, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine and Wind Turbine in semi or fully machined condition to various power plant equipment suppliers in India as well as worldwide.

We are also in a position to supply various equipments for Sponge Iron Plant (Girth gear, Kilns, Pinions, etc.) and Steel Plant.

Equipments for Power Plants :

Hydro Shaft

Generator Rotor

Wind Mill Shaft

Runner Hub

Forged Shell

Tube Plate

Marine Propulsion System :

Propeller Shaft

Intermediate Shaft

Secondary Shaft

Rudder Stock



Equipment for Sponge Iron Plant :

Girth Gear


Other Equipments

Equipment For Steel Plant :

Slag Pot 1

Slag Pot 2

Slag Pot 3

Mandrel Bars:

The mandrel bars (for Push Bench as well as PQF / MPM mills), which are used for production of Seamless Steel Tubes, are being offered from our quality mills in Europe and China, who have a long experience in supplying mandrel bars, and have supplied mandrel bars to almost all the producers of seamless tubes.

Our mills produce mandrel bars made of hot work tool steel as well as special steel grades, according to the customer’s drawings in pre-machined condition as well as in finish-machined and chrome-plated condition.

Mandrel Bars

Mandrel Bars

Mandrel Bars